Charging for Early Check-Ins on Airbnb: a Comprehensive Guide

Navigating guest requests for early check-ins is a common challenge for Airbnb and vacation renal hosts. A solution that balances guest satisfaction and operational efficiency is charging for these services. This guide explores the pros and cons of implementing such charges and introduces how UpMarket’s innovative online check-in and guest app streamline this process.

What Are the Typical Check-In and Check-Out Times for Airbnb Rentals?

Understanding the standard check-in and check-out times for Airbnb properties is crucial for hosts and guests. Typically, check-in is set around 3 PM and check-out around 11 AM. These times ensure hosts have sufficient time for cleaning and preparing the property for the next guests. However, flexibility can vary based on the host’s schedule and property management.

Why Do Guests Often Request Early Check-Ins on Airbnb?

Guests often request early check-ins on Airbnb for various reasons, such as early flight arrivals or the desire to maximize their vacation time. Typically, they request early check-ins through Airbnb’s messaging system, either before booking or after confirming their reservation. As a host, understanding these reasons can help you better accommodate your guests’ needs while maintaining your property’s readiness and your own schedule.

Do Airbnb Hosts Typically Charge for Early Check-In?

Many Airbnb hosts ponder whether to charge for early check-ins. While practices vary, some hosts opt to charge an additional fee to accommodate early arrivals, which compensates for extra effort or disrupted schedules. This fee, if applied, can range based on location, demand, and the inconvenience level. However, not all hosts charge, especially if they can easily accommodate the request without additional costs.

The Pros of Charging for Early Check-In on Airbnb

Financial Incentive for Hosts

Implementing a fee for early check-ins can create a financial incentive for hosts. It compensates for the extra effort required to expedite cleaning and preparation processes, making it a worthwhile consideration for hosts looking to optimize their earnings.

Efficient Management of Schedules

Charging for early arrivals encourages more efficient management of cleaning and turnover schedules. By assigning a cost to these requests, hosts can better align their resources to accommodate early guests without disrupting their routine.

Valuing Time and Effort

An early check-in fee is a tangible way to value a host’s time and effort. It acknowledges the additional work involved in preparing the property ahead of schedule, ensuring that hosts feel adequately compensated for their extra efforts.

The Cons of Charging for an Airbnb Early Check-In

Potential Deterrent to Guests

One major concern is that additional fees might deter guests from booking. Particularly in high-demand listings, the imposition of an early check-in fee could be seen as an unnecessary extra cost, leading potential guests to look elsewhere.

Guest Perception and Experience

There’s also the risk that guests may perceive these fees negatively. They might view them as petty charges, potentially affecting their overall experience and the reviews they leave. This perception could impact a host’s reputation and future bookings.

Practical Tips for Implementing Early Check-In Charges

Clear Communication is Key

Transparency is crucial. Clearly listing early check-in fees in the property description and proactively communicating them to guests can help manage expectations and reduce misunderstandings.

Finding the Right Balance

Hosts should strive to find a balance between being accommodating and maintaining clear rules. Setting boundaries regarding check-in times while being flexible when possible can enhance guest satisfaction without overwhelming the host’s schedule.

What Should You Charge for Early Check-In at Your Airbnb?

Setting an early check-in fee for Airbnb properties balances guest convenience with host availability. While fees vary, a common approach is to charge a percentage of the nightly rate or a fixed amount, typically ranging from $10 to $50. This compensates for the extra effort and potential schedule adjustments. It’s crucial to clearly communicate this fee in your listing and during booking to ensure guests are aware and agree to these terms.

How Do I Say No to an Early Check-In Request?

When an Airbnb guest requests an early check-in, it’s important to respond with tact and clarity.

Start by expressing your understanding of their request, but clearly state that you’re unable to accommodate early check-ins due to prior commitments like cleaning or maintenance. Emphasize the importance of these processes in ensuring a great stay. Offer alternatives, such as suggesting local places where guests can relax or store their luggage. Reiterate your standard check-in times, and thank them for their understanding. This approach helps maintain a positive relationship with guests while upholding your hosting standards.

Introducing UpMarket: The Ultimate Tool for Airbnb Hosts

Before diving into how UpMarket enhances the early check-in process, let’s introduce this innovative platform. UpMarket is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline Airbnb hosting. It offers an online check-in system, a versatile guest app, and integration of various guest services, making it an essential tool for modern hosts.

Streamlining Check-Ins with UpMarket

UpMarket’s online check-in feature seamlessly integrates upselling options, including early check-in fees, into the guest’s booking experience. This simplifies the process for hosts and offers guests a clear understanding of their options and associated costs.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

UpMarket’s guest app further elevates the guest experience. It provides a streamlined, user-friendly interface for check-ins, offering additional services and information at the guests’ fingertips. This integration of technology ensures a smoother, more satisfying stay for guests and a more manageable hosting experience for property owners.

UpMarket: Simplifying Early Check-Ins for Airbnb Hosts

Intuitive Service Selection

UpMarket empowers hosts to customize guest services, including early check-ins, late check-outs, and additional cleaning. Hosts can also add local upsells like breakfast offerings or resell third-party services, such as massages from local providers.

Seamless Payment Integration

The platform integrates global payment methods via Stripe, offering versatility in handling transactions. Hosts also have the option to manage payments manually, like cash or through Airbnb’s request money feature.

Flexible Service Display

Services can be showcased during online check-in, within the guest app, or both. UpMarket’s web app format ensures guests have straightforward, app-free access to these services.

Efficient Early Check-In Process with UpMarket

  • Automated Notifications: When a guest requests an early check-in, UpMarket automates the notification process. The host’s cleaner, integrated into the system, receives an immediate SMS or WhatsApp alert.
  • Real-Time Confirmation: This system allows for real-time confirmation. Once the cleaner confirms their availability to accommodate the early check-in, all parties – the host, cleaner, and guest – are instantly notified.
  • Enhanced Coordination: This streamlined process ensures that hosts can efficiently manage early check-ins, improving guest satisfaction while maintaining operational smoothness.


Incorporating UpMarket into Airbnb hosting simplifies the early check-in process and opens doors to enhanced guest experiences and revenue opportunities. Its user-friendly interface, combined with comprehensive service management and payment flexibility, positions UpMarket as an essential tool for modern Airbnb hosts.

Elevate your hosting experience with UpMarket. Experience seamless early check-in management, diversified service offerings, and heightened guest satisfaction. Visit UpMarket today to transform your approach to Airbnb hosting, create a free account or contact us to learn more.

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