UpMarket & ASCAV: Tourism AI Revolution in the Canaries

UpMarket and ASCAV Announce Strategic Partnership to Innovate Tourism in the Canary Islands.

Amsterdam, December 19, 2023 – In a landmark move for innovation in the tourism accommodation sector, UpMarket, a leader in AI-driven technology solutions, and the Canary Islands Vacation Rental Association (ASCAV) are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to transform the vacation rental market in the Canary Islands, focusing on enhancing guest experiences and optimizing operational efficiency.

UpMarket’s suite of AI solutions, including the renowned DirectBook Chatbot and the innovative Virtual Concierge, will offer ASCAV members key advantages:

  • Boost in Direct Bookings: The DirectBook Chatbot has been proven to increase direct bookings by up to 20% for our current clients, thanks to its advanced interaction management.
  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Our Virtual Concierge ensures personalized service available 24/7, significantly elevating customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: UpMarket’s AI solutions specialize in automating repetitive tasks and check-in procedures, reducing guest inquiries by 80% and freeing up valuable resources for property managers.

Current UpMarket clients have also experienced a notable increase in cross-selling, with an average revenue boost of €50 per room per month.

We invite ASCAV members to discover how these solutions can transform their businesses. For a demonstration or personalized consultation, please contact UpMarket.

If you are an ASCAV member, you can register and start enjoying UpMarket’s solutions at an exclusive rate by clicking here.


Representing property owners and intermediaries in the Canary Islands, ASCAV is committed to enhancing the vacation rental sector, advocating for their interests, and promoting a vision of innovation and service excellence.

About UpMarket

As a leader in AI-driven digital solutions for the tourism sector, UpMarket specializes in enhancing guest experiences and boosting revenues, having already contributed to increased direct bookings and customer satisfaction in properties worldwide.

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