10 Popular Short-Term Rental Upsells

Are you looking for ways to increase your hosting profits and enhance the guest experience at your short-term rental property? Consider offering upsells! Upsells are additional services or amenities that you can offer to guests for an extra fee. Not only can they help you generate additional revenue, but they can also set your property apart from others and increase positive guest reviews.

Here are the top 10 most popular short-term rental upsells to consider:

  1. Housekeeping services: Offering daily or mid-stay housekeeping services for an additional fee can be a significant upsell opportunity, especially for guests staying for an extended period. Plus, it can help ensure that your property stays clean and well-maintained.
  2. Concierge services: Providing personalized recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and events can be a significant value-add for guests. Consider partnering with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts or deals for your guests, and be sure to highlight any unique experiences that your property can offer.
  3. Early check-in or late check-out: Many guests would appreciate the ability to check in early or check out late, especially if they have early morning or late-night flights. Offering this service for a fee can generate additional revenue for you and help make the guest experience more convenient.
  4. Pet-friendly amenities: If your property allows pets, consider offering pet-friendly amenities such as pet beds, toys, and treats. Many pet owners are willing to pay extra for these services, and it can help attract more bookings from pet owners.
  5. Transportation services: Providing airport pick-up/drop-off service, as well as rides to local sites, is a strong way to attract guests who may not be driving. Guests who are unfamiliar with the area may feel uncomfortable navigating on their own and be willing to pay more for secured rides.
  1. Childcare services: Offering a childcare service can be a significant value-add for families with young children. You can promote the opportunity for parents to enjoy a date night while you entertain the kids, and it can help differentiate your property from others.
  2. Private tours: Utilize your local expertise by offering private tours of sites of interest to your guests. Consider highlighting any unique experiences or hidden gems that your area has to offer.
  3. Luxury welcome amenities: Guests like to treat themselves on vacation. Sell the experience of arriving to a luxury welcome amenities such as bathrobes, slippers, and high-quality toiletries. Be sure to include items that are unique to your area or that showcase your property’s unique features.
  4. Fridge pre-stocking: Consider offering to pre-stock the fridge with groceries for guests before they arrive. This can be a convenient upsell opportunity for guests who don’t have time to shop, and it can also be a significant value-add for guests who are traveling with young children or those who have dietary restrictions.
  1. Private chef services: Offering private chef services can be a significant value-add for guests looking for a unique culinary experience. You can promote the opportunity for guests to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by a professional chef in the comfort of their rental property.

Incorporating upsells into your short-term rental business strategy can be an effective way to add some income, increase positive guest reviews, and continue growing your business. However, managing these upsells can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where UpMarket comes in!

With UpMarket, managing your short-term rental upsells has never been easier. Our comprehensive property management solution streamlines the entire process, allowing you to easily offer and manage upsells, track payments, and provide a seamless guest experience. With our intuitive platform and team of experienced professionals, you can focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences while we handle the behind-the-scenes details. Plus, with UpMarket‘s powerful reporting and analytics tools, you can track the performance of your upsells and make data-driven decisions to optimize your revenue.

Shani Cohen
Shani Cohen
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