Effortless Compliance with Guest Registration

We take care of complying with local reporting regulations. Improve compliance, save time, and enhance the guest experience

Transforming Compliance into a Competitive Advantage

Navigate regulatory landscapes with ease and turn compliance into an opportunity for superior service

More Time for What Matters

Manually creating and sending guest registration slips to authorities is a thing of the past. UpMarket automates this process, freeing up your time for more crucial tasks

Stay Compliant

Stay on top of local regulations without having to navigate complicated legalities. Our system ensures each guest is reported within the legally required time frame, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and potential fines

Exceed Guest Expectations

Use the collected data to offer personalized services and create memorable experiences for your guests

Simplifying Compliance through Automation

Here's how UpMarket streamlines your guest reporting process


Guest Check-in

Upon reservation, your guests receive an email with a link to complete their online check-in. They can do this on their own time, before arrival.


Secure scan

As part of the online check-in, guests provide their personal details securely. Our system scans, captures and verifies data from guest IDs or passports, adding an extra layer of security


Automated Follow-up

f guests haven't completed the check-in or provided all necessary details, UpMarket automatically sends follow-up reminders, ensuring all data is collected timely


Seamless Reporting

UpMarket automatically sends guest registration details to the competent authorities, abiding by local regulations regarding timing and details reported


Personalized Guest Services

The collected guest data is not only used for legal compliance, but also to provide personalized recommendations and upsell services

Ready to Simplify Compliance?

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