UpMarket & Bounce: Revolutionizing Vacation Rentals Luggage Storage

Amsterdam, 25th of January 2024 – UpMarket, a pioneer in AI-driven guest experience solutions for the hospitality sector, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Bounce, the leading global network in innovative luggage storage solutions. This collaboration is poised to significantly enhance the travel experience for vacation rental guests, particularly in key tourist destinations across Portugal, by integrating seamless luggage storage options into the guest journey.

Enhancing Guest Convenience with AI-Driven Solutions

Through this partnership, Bounce’s reliable luggage storage services are now a part of UpMarket’s efficient online check-in process and AI driven virtual concierge. This offers guests a valuable addition: the ability to conveniently store their luggage at strategically located spots. This feature is especially beneficial in Portugal, where UpMarket’s solution is crucial for meeting essential registration compliance.

This partnership offers significant benefits to both guests and hosts:

  • Streamlined Travel for Guests: Guests can effortlessly locate and use Bounce’s luggage storage services, enabling them to enjoy their stay without the inconvenience of managing their luggage.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency for Hosts: Hosts are relieved from the logistical challenge of handling guest luggage outside of check-in and check-out times, leading to smoother property management.
  • Direct Upsell Opportunity: The integration provides a direct upsell opportunity, enhancing guest convenience while potentially increasing revenue for hosts.

How It Works

  1. Smart Assistance for Luggage Storage: During online check-in, our system, along with the AI-powered virtual concierge, intelligently evaluates if guests need luggage storage based on their travel details and preferences.
  2. Simple Booking Process: With just a few clicks, guests can book a convenient storage spot at Bounce locations, seamlessly integrated into their itinerary.
  3. Strategically Located Storage: Our storage options are available near major attractions and transit points in Portugal, enabling guests to explore with ease.

This efficient approach ensures a smooth, enjoyable travel experience, free from luggage hassles.

A Word from UpMarket’s CEO

“Partnering with Bounce is a strategic move towards enhancing our comprehensive guest service offerings,” says Shani Cohen, CEO of UpMarket. “This integration is more than just a convenience; it’s a thoughtful solution to a common travel dilemma. It reflects our commitment to elevating the guest experience while providing tangible benefits to our hosts.”

About Bounce

Bounce is a global leader in luggage storage solutions, offering secure and convenient services in 2,000+ cities worldwide. Partnering with local businesses, Bounce provides travelers with an easy way to store their bags, enabling them to explore destinations freely and comfortably.

About UpMarket

UpMarket is at the forefront of AI-driven digital solutions in the hospitality sector, specializing in enhancing guest experiences and boosting property managers’ revenues. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, UpMarket’s technology is reshaping how vacation rentals operate globally.

Shani Cohen
Shani Cohen
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