The Ultimate Accommodation Bulletin Form for Alojamento Local Owners

Managing the Accommodation Bulletin for your alojamento local in Portugal just got easier with UpMarket’s optimized PDF form. And for those seeking a digital leap forward, discover SEFScan, our innovative solution that integrates seamlessly with SIBA and SEF for a fully automated process.

Why Our PDF Accommodation Bulletin Form Stands Out

User-Friendly Design

Tailored for local lodging managers in Portugal, our form is intuitively designed for ease of use, ensuring quick and hassle-free completion.

Legally Compliant

Developed with input from legal experts, our form adheres to all SEF and SIBA guidelines, ensuring your compliance with Portuguese regulations.

Available in Multiple Languages

Catering to international guests? Our form is available in various languages, making it accessible to a wider audience.

How to Use the Accommodation Bulletin Form PDF

1. Instant Access and Printing

Simply enter your email address below to receive the PDF form, which you can print and have ready for your guests upon check-in.

2. Guest Completion

Guests fill out the bulletin upon arrival, ensuring all necessary information is captured.

3. Data Entry into SIBA

Manually enter the collected information into the SIBA system, a crucial step for legal compliance.

4. Submission

Verify and confirm the data in SIBA, and it will be automatically sent to SEF, streamlining your lodging management.

Embrace the Future with SEFScan

SEFScan revolutionizes the way you manage guest data, offering a fully automated, digital solution.

Effortless Operation of SEFScan

Integrated with your PMS or platforms like Airbnb, SEFScan automates guest communication, uses OCR for data capture, and sends information directly to SEF via SIBA in under a minute.

Advantages of SEFScan

  • Automated Messaging: Reduces manual effort by automating guest communications.
  • GDPR Compliant: Ensures secure data handling and transmission.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keeps you informed about each reservation’s status.

Experience SEFScan from a guest’s perspective by clicking here.


  • Is the form secure for alojamento local? Absolutely, it meets all SEF and SIBA standards.
  • How do I submit data to SEF? Once you’ve entered the guest data into SIBA, it is automatically sent to SEF upon confirmation.
  • How to get started with SEFScan? Sign up for free and follow the setup instructions for your PMS integration.


While our PDF form is a great tool for those transitioning to digital solutions, SEFScan represents a significant advancement in efficiency and modernity. Automate your data collection process, ensure legal compliance, and focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Ready to transform your local lodging management? Join UpMarket today!

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Shani Cohen
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