Airbnb in France: Why is My Host Asking for Passport Details?

Bonjour, global nomads! You’ve been dreaming of your impending French vacation, haven’t you? Picturing yourself strolling down charming Parisian boulevards, savoring the world-renowned wines of Bordeaux, or sunbathing on the pristine beaches of the French Riviera. You’ve selected your perfect Airbnb or vacation rental, all ready to immerse yourself in the French experience, when voila! Your host requests a copy of your passport or passport details. A bit perplexing? Let’s demystify this.

Being seasoned veterans of the hospitality industry, we understand this requirement might seem odd to many of our guests. But worry not, we’re here to explain that this is not only commonplace but also a legal requirement.

Why Do French Hosts Ask For Your Passport?

This practice may feel intrusive, but rest assured, it’s a legal obligation and not an invasion of your privacy. In France, all accommodations, including Airbnbs and vacation rentals, are legally required to have guests complete an individual police form, known as a ‘fiche individuelle de police’ (this link is in French, but you can always use Google Translate :)). This helps track tourist arrivals and departures effectively, maintaining a record of who’s in the country and when.

Hosts must keep these forms for six months and present them to law enforcement upon request. Non-compliance could result in serious legal consequences. So, it’s not a trivial matter but a critical part of our operations.

This is a common requirement in many European countries. You can find more information about Spanish, Italian and Portuguese regulations in our previous blog posts.

Can I Trust My Host With My Passport Information?

French law obliges hosts to responsibly protect their guests’ data. While navigating data protection protocols can seem daunting, hosts are generally well-versed in safeguarding your personal information’s confidentiality and security. For peace of mind, always communicate through official Airbnb channels.

What If I Don’t Feel Comfortable Sharing My Passport Information?

Your comfort and trust are paramount. If you have concerns, openly communicate with your host. Remember, though, that hosts are legally obligated to fulfill this requirement, and without the necessary details, they might not be able to accommodate your stay.

How Does France Protect My Passport Information?

French laws mandate secure storage of your ID details during your stay. This system also plays a vital role during emergencies, helping locate foreign travelers in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Is There A Way To Simplify This Process?

Indeed! That’s where we, at UpMarket, come in. We provide a digital solution that simplifies this reporting process for both hosts and guests. Once your booking is confirmed, our system automatically sends an email requesting your ID information. Simply use your phone to scan your ID or passport, or upload a file with the image. We then process this information, generate a report, and send it to the host. It’s safe, efficient, and saves you the hassle of handling this manually.

Still Puzzling Over France’s Airbnb Passport Requirement?

Should you still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At UpMarket, are committed to transparency and strive to ensure your French holiday is as smooth as possible.

Now that we’ve unraveled the mystery of the passport request, you can return to planning your French adventure. Remember, as the French say, “Le voyage est la récompense” – the journey is the reward. Bon voyage!

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Shani Cohen
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